Dental Services

Dental Services

Full Service Dental Clinic in Seaford

Dental Services

Seaford Dental Clinic offers a wide variety of dental treatments and procedures to give you the best oral health possible. Our team of highly skilled dentists specialise in quick and painless treatments as well as preventative methods. We will work with you to achieve the health and smile you are striving for together.

Come in for your regular check-ups, cleaning, scaling and fluoride treatment. Bring your family with you! Check-ups are a great way to prevent any serious dental emergencies from happening, helping you save your teeth and wallet.

Cosmetic Dentistry

While still focusing on the health of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry’s main objective to provide treatments to improve the appearance of your teeth. There are as many reasons to need cosmetic dentistry as there are teeth in the mouth. We will work with your individual needs to achieve the perfect smile.
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Teeth Whitening and Cleaning

Use teeth whitening to correct discolouration of your teeth caused by staining agents such as smoking, alcohol, tea, coffee or certain medications. Have your teeth shining white again.
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Crowns and Veneers

Crowns are a cap you place over a natural tooth to restore it to its normal shape and colour, usually needed when a tooth has become damaged but is still healthy. Veneers are when material matching the neighbouring teeth colour is added to the front of the tooth to fix the shape or colour.
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Bonding is when a material such as bonded composite resin is used to fill in gaps of teeth or change the colour of the tooth. This method is used commonly to fix slightly chipped teeth and to restore cavities.
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Bridges are used when you are missing one or two teeth. It is made up of three to four units and attaches to the neighbouring teeth as an anchor. When worn, it functions like normal teeth and makes it look like teeth were never missing.
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Implant Dentistry

Implants are a more secure option for replacing single missing teeth. Like bridges, it makes it look like the tooth was never missing while functioning like a normal tooth. Implants is a longer procedure but it is more durable and permanent.
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If you have crooked or crowded teeth, braces could be a great option for you to give you that straight smile you have been wanting. Get rid of the snaggle tooth that annoyingly catches pieces of food forever. For a more discreet option, we also offer Invisalign.
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These can happen unexpectedly anytime like when you are eating or playing sports. When they do happen you’ll want to be taken care of. Come into Seaford Dental Clinic if you have any small emergencies that happen to your teeth. Not sure what kind of treatment you’ll need? Call us before you come in and check if you may require higher treatment.

Personalised treatment plans

Personalised Treatment Plan

For every patient, we can create a treatment plan personalised to each of your own goals and oral health needs. 

Come in today and create one with us and we’ll help you achieve your perfect smile.

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