Denture Services

Denture Services

Full Service Denture Clinic in Seaford

Denture Lab

At Seaford Dental Clinic, we have an on-site denture lab which allows us to make customised denture and oral prosthetics. The advantage of having our lab on-site benefits you as a patient as well. It allows us to oversee the entire process of every denture made as well as reduce the time and cost involved.

Additional Denture Services

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Mouth Guards and Night Guards

To help you keep your teeth while you play rough at sporting events or to help you breathe and not grind your teeth when sleeping, a mouth/night guard is an inexpensive investment to protect your teeth.
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Retainers are a great option to correct only slightly crooked teeth or a single tooth. Just remember not to throw them away with your food. If you do though we can quickly make a replacement for you.
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Removable Dentures

For both full and partial teeth replacements, we can create dentures to fill in any gap. Depending on your need and budget, we can create dentures with different materials but all will have a natural fit and feel. We will match the colour of the dentures to make sure they blend with your existing teeth so that it doesn’t stick out for you as well.
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Implant Dentures

A more permanent and secure solution to dentures. If your mouth and jaw are in a good healthy condition, implant dentures may be a good option for you. Instead of relying on denture glue to keep dentures in your mouth, with just a snap you can put your dentures in.
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Denture Relines

Relines are required when dentures no longer fit as securely as they did when they first were worn. A common reason why a reline is needed is that dentures are fitted right after extractions. At that time the gums are slightly inflamed but as the gums settle and shrink the once fitted dentures now feel loose.
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Emergency Denture Repairs

If at any time your dentures or mouth guards break or you lose your retainer, come on in and we can fix and repair any oral prosthesis on-site for you.

On-site denture lab

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