Same Day Emergency Appointment
If you have a dental emergency, please call us at Seaford Dental as soon as possible. We offer same-day appointment for dental emergencies.
You can call us on (03) 9786 2967 during business hours. Our clinic is open from Monday to Saturday and we offer a full range of general and dental emergency services.
We can treat almost any type of dental emergency case.

Same day dental emergency appointment guaranteed!

In case of an emergency where you can’t contact us, please contact:

The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne
Address: 720 Swanston St, Carlton VIC 3053
Open every day from 8:15AM – 9:15AM

Phone: (03) 9341 1000 // 1300 360 054

What to do in case of an emergency:

Very persistent toothache is always a sign that you need to see a dentist as soon as possible. In the meantime, you should try to obtain relief by rinsing the mouth with a warm salt water rinse to try and clean out any debris from any obvious cavities.
You can use dental floss to remove any food that might be trapped within the cavity (especially between the teeth). Do not try to force anything such as a tooth pick into any obvious cavities as this may cause more damage.
If swelling is present, place a cold compress to the outside of the cheek (please do not use heat).
You may need to take pain relief if necessary. Remember, no pain relief tablets will work directly on the tooth. They must be swallowed as directed on the packet.

Braces or retainers
If a wire is causing irritation, cover the end of the wire with orthodontic wax until you can come to see the dentist.
If a wire is embedded in the cheek, tongue or gum tissue, please do not attempt to remove it; let the dentist do it, as you may cause more damage.
If there is a loose or broken appliance, call us on 9786 2967 to arrange a time to have it replaced or recemented.

Knocked out tooth
If you have knocked a tooth completely out, you will need to see us immediately. Clean the tooth as soon as possible. If it is possible, push the tooth back into the socket where it fell out. If not possible, place the tooth in some milk and visit us immediately! Time is critical to replant the tooth successfully.

Broken tooth
Try to clean debris from the injured area with warm water.
If the broken tooth has been caused by a blow or hit to the face, place a cold compress on the face next to the injured tooth to minimize swelling. Try to find all the bits that are missing and bring them to the dentist, keeping them moist. Some broken bits can be bonded back onto the teeth almost invisibly. Please call us as soon as you can.

Bitten tongue or lip
Apply direct pressure to bleeding area with a clean cloth or gauze.
If swelling is present, apply cold compress.
If bleeding does not stop readily or the bite is severe, go to the dentist or hospital.

Objects wedged between teeth
Try to remove the object with dental floss. Guide the floss in carefully so as not to cut the gums. If unsuccessful, please visit the dentist.

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