Teeth Bleaching Melbourne

Are your teeth stained from years of smoking, alcohol use or coffee consumption? Do you dream of having pearly whites that you can confidently show off? Seaford Dental Clinic provide safe and effective teeth bleaching in Melbourne’s southeast, allowing locals to invigorate their smiles and boost their confidence.

A sparkling smile is the perfect accessory, enhancing your overall look. Unfortunately, daily habits such as drinking tea, coffee or alcohol, smoking and even ageing can cause discolouration, thereby bringing down the overall appeal of your smile.

Some of the benefits of professional teeth bleaching at Seaford Dental Clinic include:

  • More even and noticeable whitening – If you have been disappointed by the subtle results produced by at-home whitening kits, professional teeth bleaching at Melbourne’s Seaford Dental Clinic is likely to provide more impressive results, particularly in the case of severe staining.
  • Faster and more convenient process – Many at-home kits require multiple applications, making it an inconvenient and fussy way of whitening your teeth. In contrast, professional teeth whitening at a dental clinic usually only requires one treatment.
  • Customised treatment – With professional teeth whitening, you get to decide exactly how white you would like your teeth to become. Some may like the glamorous luminescence of Hollywood starlets’ teeth, while others may only want a shade or two up from their current colour. At Seaford Dental Clinic, you can bleach your teeth on your own terms.
  • Safer – Over-the-counter whitening kits have been known to cause damage to the gums, which can cause ongoing sensitivity and pain. Professional whitening, on the other hand, has been rigorously tested and extensively used, and is carried out by a professional. The amount of whitening gel is adjusted to your needs and your gums are protected, making professional teeth bleaching an overall safer option. 

If you have been considering teeth bleaching in Melbourne or any other form of cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile, confidence and the first impression you exude, simply contact Seaford Dental Clinic on 03 9786 2967 for a discussion of your particular needs.

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