Partial Dentures

False Teeth Melbourne

Dentures, colloquially referred to as false teeth, are used to replace missing teeth and restore function to the mouth. Our teeth endure plenty of wear and tear throughout our lifetimes, meaning we may lose teeth due to damage, decay or injury. Dentures are available in full or partial versions, depending on how many teeth you need replaced. Both options provide a natural-looking solution, improving your appearance and allowing you to enjoy full function of your mouth.

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The denture itself is simply a plate that supports the artificial teeth, usually being removal for easy cleaning and maintenance. Some people, however, may find implant-retained dentures more convenient. To help you choose the right false teeth, Melbourne locals can call Seaford Dental Clinic to organise a personalised consultation.

Dentures provide the wearer with a host of benefits, from aesthetic appeal to practical function. One major downfall of missing teeth is that it can cause the facial muscles to sag, making you appear older and more fatigued than you are. Dentures provide the support you require to enhance your face, boosting your confidence and comfort, while also supporting your jaw health. This means you can enjoy a natural-looking, healthy smile just like you had in your youth!

Dentures are also essential for restoring the function to your mouth, allowing you to eat a variety of foods without hassle. Dentures also help you speak more clearly, preventing lisping and other speech impediments caused by missing teeth.

Whether you have been looking for false teeth in Melbourne for a long time, or are not yet convinced if it is the right option for you, feel free to call the friendly team at Seaford Dental Clinic on 03 9786 2967 to discuss your needs. We can also assist with other services such as dental implants, teeth bleaching or other cosmetic dentistry.